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“What you’re doing with this series is great because it gives people a chance to get an inside look, and get some mentoring from one of the greats (Jim Halsey).”

Tim Dubois 20

“In this program you have people from inside the industry give you the brass tax of what’s really going on. A text book is great, but when you get to real life you find there’s much more to learn. With The Halsey Institute you’re getting the inside scoop.”


“There are countless jobs that exist across the world, that are involved in the music business, that have nothing to do with being the person on stage signing into the microphone. The opportunities exist, but you must be present to win.”


“In the days when I started there were no courses like this, so I did anything and everything that I thought would further my career. I booked a lot of free and low-money gigs, but it was all worth it.”

Bob Burwell10

“Through my studying with The Halsey Institute I was able to make my own connections (in the music and entertainment industry)… This was, without question, the springboard to where I am today.


“Through The Halsey Institute, I understood what it was to work with brands, bands, and artist identities; and it helped me develop the contacts and learn the resources that are required to get out there and to do real work in the music business and entertainment industry.”


“I knew that I wanted to do something in this world, but didn’t know exactly how to do it. The guidance, information, and experience I gained from Jim Halsey and The Halsey Institute, lead me to the work I’m doing now.”

Thea Nash 10

The education I received at The Halsey Institute was practical and comprehensive. As a musician, songwriter, sound engineer and studio owner, the Halsey Institute of Music and Entertainment Business gave both insight and inspiration to move forward in my career knowing who does what and if they’re good at it. Jim Halsey knows the essential tools for success.